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There are currently 300- 500 million acute cases of malaria globally each year, resulting in more than a million deaths.

The area of the world most critically affected is Sub-Saharan Africa, where almost 90 percent of total malaria deaths occur.

Malaria is Africa’s leading cause of under-five mortality. Malaria kills 3,000 children each day. This disease is treatable with the existing WHO recommended ACTs of which BEEPZ produces the needed raw material Artemisinin.


Awarded ISO 9001-2008 certification


Finished product was shipped to Sequent Scientific Limited and Vedic.

Improved currently recovery percentage in the process is between 60%  and 65% on both crude and crystal recovery


Finished product  was shipped to CIPLA Limited, Mangalam Drugs and Organics Limited and IPCA Laboratories.

Since 2009 to date we have improved tremendously the recovery percentage in the process from 45% -60% on both crude and crystal recovery


Finished product was shipped to Novartis , Calyx and IPCA. Produced artemisinin for manufacture of over 8 Million ACTs. The effect of the year long drought  resulted in the low production due to massive crop failure.


Finished product was shipped to Novartis and Sanofi.

Produced artemisinin for manufacture of over 32 Million ACTs


BEEPZ commissioned its principal processing facility in the export processing zone in Athi River, Kenya.

HPLC acquired  for testing the final product for Quality

First sales of artemisinin from the principal processing facility shipped to Novartis for manufacture of ACTs.

Start of development for a cleaner, more cost-effective process to produce dihydro-artemisinin and artesunate.

Produced artemisinin for manufacture of over 22 Million ACTs.


ABE produced artemisinin for manufacture of 1.45 Million malaria treatments.


ABE began production of crude artemisinin in Uganda.

First sales of artemisinin to Novartis.

US$14Million in bridging funds secured for raw material production and process capacity.

Botanical Extracts EPZ Limited was formed and commissioned the construction of a principal processing facility in Kenya.

East African Botanicals (U) was formed in Uganda for raw material production and production of crude artemisinin.

An amended supply agreement with increased volumes was signed with Novartis.


East African Botanicals Limited in Kenya was formed for raw material production.

An initial supply agreement was signed with Novartis for supply of artemisinin and derivatives.


ABE confirmed the process for extraction, purification and derivitization of artemisinin on a commercial scale and under the supervision of an independent engineer.


ABE made its first sales of artemisinin.

Previous 2001

The Iatroscan (flame ionization technology) was developed to measure artemisinin content in the leaf.

ABE developed precision agriculture technology for irrigated production of Artemisia annua.

In 1997 the company began the first in a series of agronomic trials to develop high-quality planting material with improved yields and artemisinin content.

In 1996 African Artemisia Limited was formed in Tanzania for commercial scale production of Artemisia annua.


World Map of Malaria Infected Areas