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Our Mission

Company Background

Botanical Extracts EPZ Limited (BEEPZ) is a private holding company primarily involved in the production of low cost, pharmaceutical grade artemisinin.  Artemisinin is a botanical extract from the Artemisia annua plant and an essential ingredient in the new generation of effective malaria cures.

The company’s principal processing facility, is based at the Export Processing Zone (EPZ) in Athi River, Kenya.  BEEPZ extracts and purifies raw material from its own supply chain in  Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

BEEPZ is able to process raw material and crude artemisinin on behalf of other producers in the region.

BEEPZ is now ISO 9001-2008 certified

Our mission is to provide the pharmaceutical industry with a reliable source of high quality artemisinin which will ultimately be translated into affordable and good quality medicines.

Our Goals

Create a significant, stable supply of high quality Artemisinin.

Reduce production costs substantially.

Develop absolute reliability and timeliness, quality and immediate response to customer needs.

Diversify into a range of other related products.

Interact with other stakeholders with absolute integrity, openness and trust.

Build a world class team, provide opportunity for growth, advancement and the well-being of the individuals within this team.

the well-being of the individuals within this team.